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1. What do we need to bring on tour?

On the 1 day tour you'll need lunch, some snacks and water, hat, sun glasses, suitable walking shoes, camera and a fly net. A sense of adventure and sense of humour is also essential.

On Multi day tours all of the above just more of it. Due to the nature of outback travel pack enough food for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks for 5 days.  If you take some food home with you thats ok. Don't be shy about using canned foods, it keeps well is easy to pack and there is a huge variety of items available.  If your still unsure contact us, we're happy to help you plan and make sure you have a great experience.

2. How much water should we bring?

Drinking water 5 litres per person per day at a minimum. If your camping add additional water for cooking cleaning etc.

I take two containers of 10ltrs for cleaning and back up as well as 20 litres of drinking water.

3. How much food should we bring?

The best way to organise your food for a multi day tour is to think about what you and your family normally eat daily and then pack that. Remember, there are no shops to run down to and grab a snack, so include everything. If you want some ideas contact us and we'll give you an idea of a meal plan.

4. How much fuel do I need to have?

You'll need a full tank when we leave Alice. Depending on the tour and your vehicle you may need to purchase fuel during the tour. If you let us know how many kilometres you normally get to a tank we can give you some advice on whether you'll need more.

5. What is included for price of the tour.

Park entry permits and fees, camping fees, A friendly and local, knowledgable guide. Access to areas not available to the general public.  Sat phone for emergencies and support. 

6. Are children allowed on the tours ?

Well behaved children are welcome on all our tours.

7. What safety equipment do you have?

CATAT carries a sat phone and first aid kit. We also carry recovery gear, and a  compressor. Our guide is qualified in first aid and advanced Resus.

8. Do I need a UHF radio?

It is advisable to have a UHF radio in your vehicle for communication between vehicles while on the move.

9. Can I hire a UHF radio?

Yes. Speak to the guys at TJM Alice Springs and they will be able to hire you one.

10. Does the guide know how to 4wd?

Yes, not only does your guide have extensive experience 4wding from Cape York, the Simpson Desert and other very remote desert trips, he has 4 Wheel Driver accreditation to make sure his skills are current and safe.

11. Do you provide 4wd training?

No. CATAT is not a training provider.

If you'd like to do a course here in Alice Springs, Contact CADS, Central Australia Driving School on  (08) 8955 0444

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