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I know it seems like a lot to read, but it will really help you enjoy your tour.

Before BOOKING your tour

Please ensure
 you read the following very important information AND our Terms & Conditions:


Central Australia Tag Along Tours are not that of an action film. Our tours are safe and relaxed. On dirt roads we travel at a maximum of 80 km’s an hour (often slower depending on conditions ).  The main reason for this is so you can enjoy the scenery and it’s also easier on the vehicles. The 4wding ranges from really easy to fairly challenging, depending on the tour.  If you have never been 4wding before, don’t worry, we’ll assist and guide you. If you are an experienced 4wder, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy the challenge. Remote travel is great fun and if done sensibly even more so. Unlike some 4wd shows we don’t have a behind the scenes crew, we’re not sponsored nor are we mechanics, so by taking our time, treating our gear and vehicles with respect, we have less issues and more time to enjoy the trip.

Bring enough food and water for each person in your vehicle for the duration of the tour, whether it be a day tour or a 4-day tour. 5 Litres of water per person per day is recommended, Plus 2 days back up for our multi day tours.
Also, having a variety of water containers is a great idea.
  5, 10, & 20 Litre containers are very useful, as well as small water bottles, which fit under the seat or in the door pockets. 
We travel to some very remote areas, so food shopping needs to be done in Alice Springs or elsewhere before your tour departs. Dry foods and tinned food will last well over many days/weeks and is easily stored in your vehicle.
 Vacuum sealed is also a great way to store meat and other foods and will last for several weeks if stored in a fridge / freezer.  
Each client is responsible for managing their own food and water supplies. You need to cater for breakfast, lunch and dinner and any snacks in between. Central Australia Tag Along Tours does not provides any meals on tours.

Each client is responsible for their own sleeping arrangements. We camp in some designated campgrounds and in private bush settings. A swag is a great option in central Australia.  
If you prefer more protection from the elements, tents are a good option.  You will need to bring enough bedding for everyone in your vehicle, blankets or sleeping bags are a good idea. If you’re unsure talk to us about it and work out what’s the right for you.
If you need to hire any gear contact:
Nomadic Camping Hire 0430 938 703 
If you’d like to buy or upgrade your camping gear contact:
Desert Dwellers  21 Wilkinson St, Ciccone NT 0870
PH (08) 8953 2240

Temperature can vary from low 20’s to mid 30 degrees Celsius by day, depending on the time of year.
By night, however, it can get down to single figure and even -minus temperatures.


 Appropriate protective clothing is recommended, as many of our tours involve hiking outdoors in warm weather.
We recommend long-sleeved shirts, shorts or long pants, a hat and sturdy footwear for all of our tours. Remember the days will be warm but the night get cool. 
***Swimwear is a great idea, as we take every opportunity to cool off when we can.  Sunscreen, carry in your vehicle too 
***Toiletries are each persons' responsibility. 
We can provide a bush toilet when required.
  Toilet and shower facilities vary on our tours. On multi day tours there may be times when there are no facilities.  We will provide a private but basic bush toilet, and a shower may not be available. in these times wet wipes are a great option for an alternative bush shower.

Any medication/s must be stored in your vehicle and each person in that vehicle should know where they are located.
  Your health is your responsibility and we encourage everyone to be prepared when it comes to medication/s. 
We recommend you carry a First Aid Kit in your vehicle at all times, especially in remote area travel.  Central Australia Tag Along Tours carries a fully stocked Off-Road First Aid Kit on every tour.
  We also carry a smaller kit for during the day on hikes and activities.

We recommend you have your vehicle serviced and maintained before arriving on any of our tours. We also advise that you have read the operators manual for your car so you know and understand how your vehicle works.
  We travel in remote areas and on occasion, harsh terrain, which may show any weak points on an unmaintained vehicle.
 A mechanical safety check is compulsory or proof of service within the last 3 months, before joining our Multi day tours. If you are unsure where to go for Mechanical Assitance, Call Cam on (08) 8955 6800 at Terrain Tamers for honest and reliable mechanical services.  
Any repairs or maintenance deemed essential, are required and is at your expense. This is for your safety and enjoyment.
Carrying spares for your vehicle is also a good idea, however a well maintained vehicle is less likely to have any issues especially if driven appropriately to the conditions. Some ideas for spares are Spare belts; hoses; fuses and filters.
  Oils and other fluids specific for your vehicle are always handy items. If you do suffer a break down, we will do our best to get you going but if recovery is required it will be at your expense. 

Central Australia Tag Along Tours carry a full recovery kit on all of our tours.  We do encourage all clients to carry their own snatch strap; shackles and a shovel as a minimum.  Rated recovery points fitted to your vehicle are a great idea for off-road travel.
  Maxtrax are a great recovery tool, we definitely recommend investing in - Maxtrax link: https://www.maxtrax.com.au/


If you have 2 Spares, Great. If you have 1 spare tyre, thats ok too.  Make sure your spare tyre(s) is in good condition and that you have checked it is inflated and holding air before you join any of our tours. Some of the tracks we travel on are well maintained,
 however, some are not and can damage tyres.

Carrying 20 Litres of fuel might be helpful if your vehicle only has a limited range, however, is not compulsory. If your vehicle is fitted with a long range fuel tank or has dual tanks, this is a good option.
We do make fuel stops on tours as needed.  Distances of tours vary, and if you are concerned about how much fuel you’ll need, we are happy to discuss it with you.  Fuel can be purchased if you require during our tours but remember, remote fuel is always at a premium price.

A UHF radio fitted to your vehicle is a must have, for remote bush travel.  Central Australia Tag Along Tours recommends 
hiring a handheld radio from TJM Alice Springs Ph(08) 8952 2388 
if you don’t already have  one. They also hire other gear like fridges.
 Your tour leader carries a Satellite phone at all times in case of emergency.


It may sound cliche, but having an open mind and a sense of adventure are must-haves when joining our tours.
Our goal is to get you out into the real outback and experience the beauty and isolation.  We visit some very remote places and there are times you may question 'Where on Earth are we?
 Central Australia Tag Along Tours are all about unique experiences and going to places you probably wouldn’t go on your own. A little relaxed adventure is what it's all about. We go to these places to slow down, relax and enjoy the beauty so be sure to adjust your self to territory time.  

We advise all of our clients to be culturally aware when travelling on our tours or on your own.
  A little knowledge and understanding of the areas you travel in and through, goes a long way, especially with local Indigenous Australians.  We sometimes travel to and through remote communities, and we promote culturally aware practices during these trips.
Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you.

 There are plenty of opportunities for photos and videos on our tours.  
Central Australia provides amazing scenery and you'll want to capture the highlights of your time on tour with us, in the heart of Australia. We definitely recommend you bring your camera/ go pro etc with you.

Drones are becoming ever more popular for the travelling photographer and holidaymaker.
  We encourage you to bring it (drone) with you, however, please be considerate and make yourself  aware of the rules and regulations in using them, 
especially near airfields and National Parks.

In regards to Alcohol, please be advised, that on some tours we do travel to and through 'dry' Communities. 
There are NO outlets to purchase alcohol in community, they are 'dry towns' (no alcohol is allowed).
On all tours, please be discreet with alcohol in your vehicle.
  Keep it stored out of sight and enjoy in moderation.
  Please make your purchases in Alice Springs or elsewhere before joining our tours.

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